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I didn't enjoy doing that.

I feel like going out today.

It's a compliment.

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I'll be there at six.

Nothing happened to them.

I am very much in love with her!

At this stage there is still not a clear energy policy for bringing decentralised power to rural areas.

That was fun to do.


Which planet is closest to the sun?

As a rule, I go to school before eight o'clock.

Tell him for me, OK?

I wish there were something I could do to help.

I don't have anyone else to rely on.

Oh dear! I'm short of money.

We can do nothing about it.

Where is my father?

I thought Ginny would be dead by now.

Isn't her ring gorgeous?

I like coffee more than black tea.


I had my licence renewed a week ago.

She asked anxiously.

I think you're a liar.

Helen's parents are much stricter than Johan's parents.

The document records that the war broke out in 1700.

There was nothing I could've done.

Arne and Sridharan quarreled.

Did Spot go, too?

Some of them are clever.

The play was so popular that the theater was almost full.

Your car has been repaired now.

Hostilities between the two powers resumed.

Dick doesn't seem to understand anything.


I don't understand why Rabin doesn't like me.

Mrs. Teresa's statement explained a lot about the death of her husband.

Your answer is to the point.


We're not available.

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I thought you'd be alone.

You ought to have apologized to her.

I'm a pretty good swimmer.

Are the water and electricity included in the rent?

What's the idea of throwing that stone?

I thought you'd be on time.

This should only take a second.

"Antony likes Juliane." "Yeah, I know."

Cindie is as ready as he'll ever be.


He pointed out that the former was inferior to the latter in some respects.

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We watched Ukrainian movies with subtitles in Esperanto.

It's a strange thing that I've been asked what's the German for "fridge" three times in my life. There are thousands of words, what's the chance to be asked about the same word three whole times?

"I wonder what this is", asked Tony.

Jesus worked hard all afternoon.

That isn't a priority.

He amassed a fortune in stock trading during the last boom.

"I have never thought about it", said the old man. "What should we do?"

I was born during the Cold War.

You mean George Bush?

How did you spend your vacation?

It's evidently a bad example.

"I don't like Toft." "That makes two of us."

Summer days can be very, very hot.

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Jonathan's car caught fire.

Have you noticed anything strange?

He told me he had a surprise waiting for me.

Randell doesn't have any children.

You must make the most of your time.

Kathryn seems surprised.

Find somebody else.

She drove a sport utility vehicle only to drop her kids off at soccer practice.

It's too far.

Scott has been close.

I ate a chakli.

"The citizens of Cambridge accept us today not as merchants who bring them profit but as apostles of the world-citizenship idea, which they understand and appreciate."

The relaxing sounds will carry you away.


This is really delicate.

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Is that all you brought?

Roger worked at any job he could find during the day.

You made him very happy.


Kuldip doesn't need to go there.

Keep the window closed.

How long did you work for him?

Tandy has a serious health problem.

This apartment is within biking distance of the university.

Is there anyone there? Where am I?

Plants are nourished by earth.


Are you here with someone?

I don't know exactly at what time she's coming.

"Next time," he said.

The question isn't as easy to answer as it first might seem.

If you teach me your language, I'll teach you mine.

It is nice of you to hold a door open for a lady.

Cindy unzipped the zip file.

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Can I hear your comments about this?

I was talking to Andrea when Valentina broke in on

The Treasurer's budget speech was punctuated by regular shouts of "Hear, hear!" from members on his side of the House.


There is little, if any, of such distribution of control.

He has dozens of English books.

I think I'm falling in love.


I have made up my mind to work harder.


How old was he in the first photo?

Don't worry. My lips are sealed.

The local government is very concerned about sustainable development.


I told them to wait for me.

This painting has poor composition.

All swans are white.


You are certain to be moved deeply by the movie.

That's not entirely true.

Suzanne drank out of his coffee mug and read the newspaper.


Ernie's parents were teachers.

They have families to feed.

The sightseeing bus ran through a long tunnel.

Now that he is old, it is your duty to look after him.

There will be other chances.


She wants you.


Do you know him, by any chance?

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He doesn't even know my name.

Human beings are created to create things.

Leave your message after the beep.

Remember well what you learn at school.

Am I pronouncing your name correctly?

Boyle is the inventor of Sherlock Holmes.

Pieter spent all morning in the interrogation room.

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Hunter sure does sleep a lot, doesn't he?

Tor is worried about what Micky will do.

I'm convinced Kathryn is lying.

Does Lewis have a secret?

Can you remember this game?


Things are actually better this year.

It's a trick.

Hienz had to start over again.

You must be careful in crossing the road.

These politicians are corrupt.

What was the explanation?

He was never content with his success.

He'll wait for you.

Ian told me about the big fish that got away.


Mwa is being cute.

I'll go ask him.

A girl drowned in the pond yesterday.


Gigi seems to know what he wants.

She left her ticket at home.

I want you to stay here until I come back.

You've got to warn Suwandi.

Spy and Neville look familiar.

The Swiss Franc is soaring.

You've done something wrong.

He has a bath every morning.

The camera has been borrowed by someone else.


Olson asked Kit for John's telephone number.


He tried it again, only to fail.

No charges have been filed against the suspect.

He posed a problem.

He is drunk.


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Your link isn't working.

It may have been Rick who broke this window.

If you want a pencil, I'll lend you one.


Jelske is drinking some water.

I'm not jealous of Saiid.

Brodie painted the window sills white.

I want a lawyer.

I keep thinking about how much fun we used to have together.


I can't believe you did this.

David was stupid to leave Margie alone.

Beth seemed quite determined.


In the summer, when the wind blows, ripe wheat moves like golden waves.

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I can't just leave them there.